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Why is is necessary to have a Bridal trial-run?

Several reasons, the most important is so you can feel confident you will look your absolute best for your special occasion.

We also like to check for any reactions from cosmetics – although this is very rare.

Your trial-run is a testing ground, we want you to be happy so always tell us what is on your mind, this way we can fine-tune everything so it is perfect.

We also discuss number of people, time, price,venue & schedule etc.


How soon before the wedding should I have my makeup trial?

It’s best to have one as soon as possible as our diary gets booked up very quickly. Brides can book anything from two months to a year ahead -but an early trial-run is always advisable

Can I secure my wedding date before I have a trial?

Yes, in order to secure your wedding in our diary it is necessary to pay a $100 booking fee. Many brides are booking ahead of their trial-run so they can relax and have a trial when it is convenient.

How do I prepare for the makeup trial?

Any pictures or ideas you may have for your make-up. Swatches of fabric are also helpful to decide on makeup colours, or bring a photo. Hairstyles work best on hair that is washed from the day before, this allows the style to hold & last longer.

Wear something white or cream if possible.

How should we prep our faces for the trial and for the wedding day?

Exfoliate, wax, tweeze & moisturize a couple of days before, don’t do anything drastic or different to usual as you don’t want a break-out or have an allergic reaction.

A nice clean face! Fake tans may be applied a couple of days before the trial.


Where will the trial take place?

At the Makeup Boudoir in Port Kennedy.

Will our makeup on the day be exactly the same as our trial makeup?

Yes, most definitely, unless of course you have changed your mind about anything. Please let us know BEFORE your wedding day if you would like a different style or make-up look.


How long will a bridal Hair & makeup trial take?

It takes a couple of hours to do hair & makeup on one person. We recommend a trial for the bride is essential!


On the wedding day how long would it take to do makeup for say, five ladies?

If having false eyelashes I like to allow an hour per person, so five hours. We also allow an hour for hairstyling, who will be done by our wonderful stylist, Debbie. We are able to accommodate up to FOUR people comfortably in the Boudoir at Port Kennedy


Can you copy looks from pictures?

We can copy a make-up as closely as possible. I enjoy copying a make-up look, it will look slightly different because you have different features to the model, but your make-up will be very similar. Bear in mind that many pictures in magazines are re-touched beyond reality.

Are you qualified?

Yes, Victoria is a qualified Makeup Artist through The Colour Cosmetica Academy & Debbie is a qualified Hairdresser at Senior level

What makeup brands do you use?

I use high-end brands like MAC, Morphe, NARS, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Maqpro, Colour Pop, Too Faced, etc., These products are pro quality and work well in flash photography without making you feel caked in makeup. They have outstanding durability to last all day & night.


Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, they are suitable for all skin-types, it is always wise to have a trial-run if you have problematic or sensitive skin.


Are they suitable for Rosacea sufferers?

Yes, this can be camouflaged very successfully, as can most skin problems.


Do you use airbrush makeup?

No, its not as good in MHO.


Do you supply “touch up” products?

Yes, Victoria provides bridal touch-up kits that can be purchased for $25 each

How do I keep my makeup fresh all day and night?

Your make-up is applied & set using professional techniques & a setting spray that ensures it will last all day & night. We also use lipsticks & lip paints that will not come off until you remove them.

How do you deal with excess perspiration or tears on my face?

I have a special primer that works like an anti-persperant on the face. Also take a tissue and blot area gently. This won’t disrupt your make-up. The same for tears!


How do you deal with excessively flushed cheeks?

Foundation & concealer will cover this, but it wont looked caked-on. Victoria has some excellent foundations that are very natural looking with good coverage.

Do you supply false Eyelashes?

Yes, these are very popular as they really enhance your eye tremendously! I can supply you with lashes. I use high-strength glue so they will last until you peel them off!


What steps do you take to prevent cross contamination?

All the equipment in my kit is hygienically clean and brushes are sterilized. I use a product-to-palette-to-client technique that eliminates cross-contamination & I use hand sanitizer. Anyone with cold sores or styes will have makeup applied using disposable applicators.


What will you do if someone has a cold sore or blemish on the day?

These can be covered up using concealer, again with disposable tools. Please try using cold-sore gels to help calm the cold sore down.

What makeup styles do you generally recommend for weddings?

It’s a very personal choice, but I like to use neutrals on brides. The eyes and lips need to be accentuated more than normal as the camera takes about 30% of the detail away. Go with something you feel comfortable with, look like a better version of yourself. Dont forget to take your partners ideas into account!

How often will you be in contact with me before the wedding?

Once you have secured your booking & had your trial, that is all we need to do until closer to the day. A few weeks before the day we can discuss arrival times and I calculate your final balance. This can be paid on the day (in cash) or in advance. You are very welcome to ask me any questions leading up to your wedding and I will advise where I can 🙂


What is your typical week like?

Weekends are busy with weddings, party make-ups and business events. I also hold one-to-one make-up classes. We do make-up trials during the week 

What distinguishes your work from other makeup artists?

I think I’ve learnt a lot over 27 years, and I’m still learning! I use a variety of techniques that suit each face, NOT a one-size-fits all thing. I like to blend the colours well, I am also very particular on cosmetics and go for precise lines & flattering shapes. I like to create a flawless skin – thats really important. We like to have fun!

How would you describe your working style?

I don’t like to rush and I like to create a relaxed & fun atmosphere. I am very gentle with my clients and don’t use scary application techniques – something I dreaded whilst at make-up college! I am always on-time and professional in my approach. 


If you are ill on my wedding day who will your replacement be?

In this unlikely event (I have turned up for every wedding so far in 27 years!) I know several very experienced make-up artists who can step-in. If I have a sniffly cold I wear a face mask. . lol.

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